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A ongoing Star Wars speculation podcast.

List of EpisodesEdit

# Title Release Date
4.64 Disney Buys Lucasfilm: A New Hope for Star Wars November 1, 2012
4.67 Looking for News in Alderaan Places November 22, 2012
4.73 The Force is with Abrams January 28, 2013
129 The Deal Alters Further March 24, 2013
137 A Great Disturbance in the Force May 13, 2013
152 Shadows of the Sith August 19, 2013
159 These Arndt the Droids You’re Looking For November 4, 2013
164 A Whole New Galaxy January 13, 2014
176 The Ponda Baba Conundrum May 5, 2014
187 The Master Plan July 14, 2014

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