• Dingo
  • Pierre
  • Angela
  • Narisa
  • Kid
  • Dr. Kane Corso
  • Beasthound
  • "The Wolfman” A.I. Radio DJ


  • Glampire
  • Diamond Dogs
  • Halloween Jack
  • Captain Scrap
  • Spaceboy
  • Nagel (Glampire's robot servant)

Unconfirmed CharactersEdit

Characters mentioned in the brainstorming process or by Nerdy Show hosts elsewhere, but not confirmed as "cannon".

  • Plant-based "anti-hero" (AKA failed Captain Planet)
  • Queen Lich
  • Fido Farnsworth
  • "The General" (AKA General Wetworks)
  • The Terror Terriers (member of the Diamond Dogs?)
  • Ninja and Samurai Cats (from "fuedal" Japan)
  • "Bad Masters" from a forgotten human colony

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