EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show hosted by the Abbott and Costello of nerdom… Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord! One is a super talented artist that is beloved by thousands of fans and the other is a magician and host of Epic Win Burlesque. All kinds of pop culture topics are discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these two can muster.




# Title Original Release Date
01 Pilot August 30, 2012
02 Lucas Siegel Explains It All September 24, 2012
03 The Walking Frontalot October 29, 2012
04 Stella Chuu Strikes Back November 28, 2012
05 Best 2012 Ever December 31, 2012
06 Sweater Weather with Mary Cyn January 31, 2013
07 The Island of Dr. Eviler February 28, 2013
08 Boy Wonder Lucas Siegel Returns March 28, 2013
09 Francine and Sarah Tops April 25, 2013
10 Lettered by Cory Petit May 30, 2013
11 Playing Ball with Afterbirth Monkey June 27, 2013
12 Worst Episode Ever August 1, 2013
13 LIVE! August 29, 2013

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