Enter the world of Bits, Rhymes, and Life with Mega Ran and K-Murdock, the foremost hip-hop gamers around. Ran and K-Murdock share their nerdy life journeys, in lavishly-soundscaped storytelling experience. Sit back, tune in, turn up, and prepare to blast off! New episodes the first Wednesday of every month.


  • Mega Ran - Random, aka Mega Ran, or Random Beats. Teacher, Rapper, Hero.
  • K-Murdock - Music producer, audio engineer & self-proclaimed "sound samurai" ...who also moonlights as a radio host, gamer & otaku!


# Title Original Release Date
01 I Quit May 7, 2014
02 A MEGA-RANdom Encounter June 3, 2014
03 KICKin’ Truth to the Youth July 2, 2014
04 Tour Stories Part 1 August 6, 2014
05 The Crying Games September 11, 2014
06 Trouble Dragons! October 8, 2014
07 “Behind the Music” Vol. 1 November 5, 2014

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